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Great App

Was never a soccer fan, this app got me interested




Best football site ever


I really like this football App am enjoying it thank you.

This is quite a useful app

It helps me keep up with all the games in Europe that I miss

Onigbogi love this app

Very sport updating app 👍👍👍👍


Update & match notifications top notch



Interactive and Informative

One of the best football apps out there, if not the best! Easy to follow teams. Easy to read news from all over the world! And even easier to narrow in on leagues/competitions! Interactive with coin bets, and easy to earn coins throughout the day.

Best for all sports new

It’s amazing to use this app cos it keep me up to date

best of all

simple and fast to use

All Football ⚽️



تجمع فلوس


Great app ever 😍😍😍


This app help me to follow the new of my favorite teams in the cup thx

Best sports app

Amazing app

Sensational app

I love it and it makes football simple

very good

its very useful...


so usefull

Superb and awesome

It’s a nice app and it works so fine

about the app

it’s very useful

👍👍so good



It is the best app for all news of football


?Why there is no Arabic language

Best football app so far

I call it the best football app because they always give you authentic and first hand news ...


They make it as easy as it should be about football... bringing our favorite to our doorstep



Best football app ever

All football is the best football app around , I’m an addict of this app ,my day is not complete without visiting

Finally the app is working just in time before the WC

Whenever I try to open the notifications that this app pushed out to me, it just simply tells me 'system error, please try later '. Please fix this annoying bug. Edit 1: the app has been updated for the world cup but no articles would open up... What's going on ??? Edit 2: finally the stories show up now.


Perfect and I’m getting rewarded for reading sport news for the first time!!

Amazing app

Very nice app

Doesn’t open any notifications

I press on the notification and nothing happens. It says system gone wrong or something. And I’m still getting my top stories about Chelsea vs Manchester in the final. Fix this please.


Now All football is rewarding money i love this app

App doesn’t work

Says “system error” I installed it 7 different times but til doesn’t show any information on the app about anything and it won’t let my sign in. Im using the iPhone 8 with ios 11.4

Mr Akinyele

My best football app

The App is not working at all

Ever since a recent update came out I am no longer able to update my news I thought it was a glitch so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled but now I cant see any news at all very disappointed seeing this was my favorite sports app

Amazing application for the world cup

Amazing application for the world cup


Disculpa pero solo me ale error me gustaba esta app era excelente pero ahora no me carga absolutamente nada y solo error de sistema tengo un iPhone 7 pero ahora es malísimo no puedo ver nada gracias espero sensilucione


This app is the best

Doesn’t work anymore

No longer works

What going with the app

What is going with the app it don’t show nothing at all it say system error do anybody else has this problems also

not working

this app says server error. does not load any more news



Fix it! It used to be my favorite but lately just doesn’t work.

Currently not working

fix it

“system error please try again later” is what i been seeing for the past 2 weeks. i get notifications about news and matches but im not able to see anything else but that message.

chinky rubbish app

Rubbish app made by chinks....Ching Chong Ching Chong Ching idiot app

Cannot see the articles

I do not understand why a few days ago the app stopped working and I can longer read any articles. Please fix it for me ASAP.

Ok mi app don't work ok. Can you guys can help me



I like the app


Very Good.

  • send link to app