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Mohammad khan

Amazing app.thank you


I love this application is so great you guys can try it

Can’t seem to load any notifications..... Again !

Whenever I try to open the notifications that this app pushed out to me, it just simply tells me 'Reload '. Please fix this annoying bug.

Great App.

This Application is great.. latest news is there second name.

This is an Excellent Platform for all Football related News

This is an Excellent Platform for all Football related News

Best App

This app been so helpful and have not been worried about watching matches . Just open this app and then enjoy every bit of it

Fix it

I keep getting error and says refresh it takes me a while to comment pls fix it

What’s going on?

This was my go to app, but now if I’m not on WiFi it doesn’t work or I’m reading old news from earlier in the day and then when I’m back on WiFi everything updates. I can’t open the coins page at all if not on WiFi. I gave a 4 star for what I love but if this isn’t gonna get fixed anytime soon, I’ll have to revisit my rating.

App Review

This app is sexy, Splendid and exceptionally captivating. I am addicted to it even while at work , I still find time to interact with the app. Kudos

24/7 quick news update

It's a very great app to keep you updated with live scores and latest news with all the transfer rumors and official signings.

Never loads

When I get a notification and I click on it, it always says no connection. And I am connected to the internet. My news feed is still outdated, it will never load match line ups, or play by play commentary, or any match analysis.

App start freezing up

This used to be my favorite app until recently it start freezing up.

AWESOME!! 🔵🔵🔵🔵🇫🇷🇫🇷

No ads, quick alerts, and gifs that work. The news is correct and the app works very well. If you are a big football fan like I am, this is perfect for you. They cover every league and team and are the best of the football news apps.

5 Stars

Great app, keeps me updated with soccer.

Best Football app ever

This app gives me everything that I need to know about football, and I don’t miss the latest news.


Keep the good work


It's a great opportunity for me have all football because for the past 2 years I've using them they never fail me once and they always posted what I want keep it on and log live and lasting ALL FOOTBALL


This app is truly great, as it gives all the juice sports news in the world including all the teams, games and scores in real time. I SIMPLY LOVE IT...

Best Football App

Best among the rest

Ogboge football station

You guys are really making us proud keep it up...


Like my title is the best app when you are talking Football/Soccer. AF


Great app


Cool app i love it

The Best


Nice & Comprehensively

Nice & Comprehesively


One of the best football news apps


Very cool.




Nice and good


The app is great and has lots of features


Good and reliable source


Just got on here and I am loving every piece of it. Think I am going to be on this up the whole day everyday

Star rate

Dameton garm



Great analysis

Great analysis


I just started using it but I already love it. I love the fan chat rooms where you can meet fans all around the world to express the same passion about football and support a team.

The best football app ever

I love this app because they always improve every single day..

Great App for All Soccer fans!

Awesome app!

Must have for all football fans

The best football app of World Cup 2018

Best App to see the scores



Joss *_*

Great app

Nice and I like it

All Football

Fantastic app

Cannot bid

It kicks me out of the app when i try to bid or its says error gateway with a number 502

Not a 5star app

How can people make predictions for World Cup when the stupid thing won’t open up always says 504 gateway I’m sure I’m not the only one with that issue. Fix it


World best football app

Great App

Was never a soccer fan, this app got me interested


Best football site ever


I really like this football App am enjoying it thank you.

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